Wonderful Worlds

“The Magic enhances the reality ‘, to the future become the dominant type of attitude in the crisis of modernity”; pleasant moment of escape, in order to continue to dream…

And ‘This is the mood of the renewed propio style Greed'; an imaginary modern technology where news’ and stylistic become the concepts of a new glamor.

It offers fashion for wearing on any occasion but still aimed at women more ‘demanding that chedono in own individuality and not afraid to show it.

It also offers to his muse in a creative and innovative course not forgetting the elegance and taste of Italian style. Greed ‘offers for the first part of a new winter season “Fantastic Future” where the protagonist and’ a femininity ‘that looks forward and does not turn back if not for a quick look.

Dominating are the contrasts in the proportions, fabrics, colors, finishes by ‘mood experimental but still feminine and functional.

Geometric cuts and anatomical lines, stretch fabrics and leather are the protagonists of a style that plays with aerodynamic shapes for a feeling of lightness but also strength and power.

Flannels, b stretch jersey glossy and transparent dresses and sweaters made of band graphic, cotton and silk for blouses and shirts from futuristic lines.

Zip, important buttons and metal details enliven this mood icy and technology.

The colors draw on a unique architectural modern: gray, blue, white, purple, and of course the ever-present black.

Dedicated to innovative woman who is comfortable with herself, mistress of his life projected in a world where the new frontier aesthetics and ‘techno allure.

He says instead of “Wonderful Wood” remembering a magic already ‘lived, the mood for the second part of the collection.

A faint whiff of the past, where the woman traveling absorbs influences primitive and wild recalling barbarian warriors of legendary eras.

Mysticism and magical world play with the graphics as they do witchcraft and shamanism with the folklore and the spirits guide animals.

There are new processing expressive where ancient and mysterious elements are combined with other totally contemporary and modern.
From classic to technology for a mix of fabrics: velvet and tartan combined with b stretch, Lycra and microfiber.

Inevitable wools for enveloping coats, silk and chiffon for shirts, blouses and dresses from the press Animalie enriched by zip gem, trimmings and grosgrain.

Classic men’s suits are transformed into new silhouette thin: jackets constructed impeccably pants and skirts attention to detail.

Fur and thick duvets to withstand extreme cold.

The colors undergo influence occult: a series of mysterious and dark colors like forest green, blood red and black enlivened with a touch of Chestnut Brown or magenta and beige, blue synthetic, combined with misty gray white more ‘white.

Light colored garments the “Magic Lights” of the city ‘in the last part of the collection, bringing us back to the charm Christmas, the “heat” of winter and happiness’ of the holidays’.

Characterize the leaders haute couture fabrics: Satin, silk and taffta ‘but also accessories and embroidery important for exclusive items to wear on special occasions.

A luxurious journey through landscapes legendary but also continuous research and experimentation that makes it a unique collection, from tangible new style.